Training - Calendar

Courses Quarters
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UE-8 Social Sciences
UE-7 Public health I
UE-1 Infectious diseases
UE-14 Introduction to epidemiology Re
search intern
UE-17 Quantitative research
UE-18 Qualitative research
UE-15 Introduction to statistics
UE-6 Entomology
UE-5 Internship (central and district hospitals)
UE-13 Thesis protocol writing
UE-16 Advanced statistics
UE-4 Laboratory technics
UE-12 Health economics
UE-10 Project Management
UE-11 Démography
UE-9 Public health II
UE-16 Advances statistics
UE-2 Emerging diseases in South-East Asia
UE-3 Health priorities in developing countries
UE-13 Thesis